Our Services

We offer the following mechanical and structural services:

  • Idea validation/feasibility
  • Design reviews and verifications to relevant Australian, DNV and British standards
  • Failure and root cause analyses
  • Structural design

We are able to use advanced finite element analysis (FEA) to perform the following types of analyses:

  • Linear and non-linear static analysis
  • Buckling and post-buckling analysis
  • Spectral and harmonic response analysis
  • Steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis
  • Transient dynamic analysis
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics

How Does The Design Process Work

When you give us an idea or a design, we would discuss with you about your objective for the design. We know the relevant standards, and if we don't, we will find them out. But we will need to know what the design will be used for, and what loads are expected.

We then analyse your design by creating a 3D model of it in our finite element analysis (FEA) software. The FEA will tell us the stresses and deformation of the design. Of course, a factor of safety is included in the analyses, as prescribed by the relevant standards.

If your design fails or doesn't comply, we will provide you with ideas on how to make it comply. And then we will reanalyse your design and provide you with a certificate of compliance.