How to apply for a Nigerian STR (Work Permit), Bussiness or Tourist Visa from Malaysia?

Applying for a Nigerian work permit, business visa or tourist visa in Malaysia can be a long process. So, after meeting some Malaysians who didn't know how to go about it, I decided to put up this page to help ease the process of applying for the visa's.

First of all, determine which type of visa you're applying for. If it's a work permit, then it's called a TWP or Temporary Work Permit. The types of visa's and their requirement is shown in this page:

Once you have a TWP, you're allowed into Nigeria for 3 months. After which, if you're staying longer with your Nigerian employer, then they (your employer) will give you some immigration documents which you have to pass on to the Nigerian officials in the Nigerian embassy in Kuala Lumpur. This also means you have to return home to Malaysia to apply for your STR (Subject to Regularisation) visa. A STR visa is like a permit to live in Nigeria, giving you multiple entries into Nigeria.

Please follow exactly the requirements as stated in as their very particular on this.

The applications forms can be downloaded from

STR and TWP applications require 5 copies of all documents. It doesn't matter if you've given them 5 copies 3 months earlier when applying for your TWP, they still require 5 copies when you apply for your STR.

Letter of Good Conduct

You'll need to get a Letter of Good Conduct from the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya. This one-page letter just states that you're a citizen of good standing - it means you haven't committed any murders or been to jail or other criminal related activities. Download the form here, fill it up, photocopy your IC and then head over to

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia
Wisma Putra Complex
No. 1, Jalan Wisma Putra
Precint 2,
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62602 Putrajaya
Telephone : 603-88874000

A map of the building, which is located on top of a hill, can be seen here:

If you get there by 10 am, you should be able to get your letter before noon. If you get the by noon, you should get your letter before the end of the day, or else you'll get it the next day, all depending on the number of people their serving. And don't be fooled, it's usually a packed house each time we went over.

The Letter of Good Conduct will look like this:

Letter of Good Conduct for Malaysian Citizens by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Visa Payment

Where do you pay for your Nigerian Visa?

Online my dear Watson, online.

Make the visa payment before going to the embassy. Without this payment, don't hope to ever get served. Go to and click on the Entry Visa Application Form. It's a form similar to the one your downloaded from the website above. Don't be fooled. you need to complete both the online and hard copy forms. Fill in the online form and once you hit the Submit button, you're given an Application ID and a Reference Number. Keep both these numbers safely as you will need to use them to check your payment status.

After filling in the online form, you'll be taken to a page, using Google Checkout, where you can make your visa payment of USD6. Just follow the steps. You'll get 2 emails from Google. The fist one will inform you that you've made a payment. Ignore this email. Wait for the second email which will come after 10 minutes or so. This email indicates that your payment was successful. Only then do you log onto the same website and this time, click on the Query Your Application Payment Status. Use the Application ID and Reference number that you got earlier and you should see something as below. Take note, it should say Payment Confirmed at the bottom. This is what the embassy officials want to see.

Nigerian Visa Online Payment Confirmation Status

Where Is The Nigerian Embassy?

The Nigerian embassy is in Kuala Lumpur, along Jalan Ampang Hilir.

No.85 Jalan Ampang Hilir
Kuala Lumpur
Phone : +603 42518512, +603 42517843
Fax : +603 42524302

It's in a bungalow house. They have moved things around lately. Previously you used to walk in through the main gates, sign at the guard house and then walk towards the back of the premise where the visa and consulate offices were. Now they have moved the consulate and visa office towards the front of the building, so no one can have free access to the premise anymore. I think this is a better layout - less walking.

Visa application and consulate office hours are from Monday-Wednesday 9am-12.30pm. Pick up time is on Thursday, 9am-12.30pm. Dont bother being there at 9 am as the officials will only come at 10 am. Its best to always call and find out if your visa is ready before making a trip to the embassy as things can be delayed.

I hope the above helps you. If there's any discrepancy in the information above, please let me know via the Contact form. Thank you.